3 Ways to Boost Your Chill this Holiday Season

Hi Warriors! The holiday hustle will soon be ON! We’ll be rushing around, over-indulging and skipping workouts … which can lead to decreased energy,  lowered immunity and increased stress… not to mention feeling bloated, frazzled and irritable.

What if this holiday season, we committed to a little more self-care to boost our energy, immunity and JOY 🙂

There’s still time to join me for the Chillpower Challenge … 

5 Day Yoga, Superfood & Self-Care Challenge is FREE and includes:

  • Karen DubsShort yoga segments  you can do at home
  • Easy self-care techniques to boost immunity and reduce stress
  • Healthy holiday-inspired superfood recipes to boost immunity and reduce bloat

During the Chillpower Challenge, we’ll be adding in simple, inexpensive self-care techniques from my book to reduce stress (which in turn boosts mood, energy and immunity). Easy things like…

  • A hot Epsom Salt Bath
  • A Magnesium Supplement to support restful sleep
  • Relaxing Essential Oils

One of the main reasons I love yoga its that it’s so effective and convenient. You can do it anywhere with no equipment. These three self-care techniques are also inexpensive, simple yet powerful and super easy to incorporate into a busy schedule…

  • Epsom Salt Bath – A hot bath with Espom salts is one of the cheapest, most convenient, effective self-care techniques! A 20-30 minute soak in a hot Epsom Salt bath (preferably with essential oils) feels great, reduces stress, relaxes tense muscles plus boosts immunity. It can help you sleep better, alleviate fatigue, increase blood flow and reduce inflammation. I buy inexpensive Epsom Salts and add a few drops of essential oils )… and it never ceases to amaze me how effective this inexpenive self-care technique really is!
  • Magnesium Supplement – Many people are surprizingly low in magnesium. This is partly due to poor diet but is also because the soil we grow our vegetables in is depleted of minerals due to over-farming. Athletic people who sweat a lot are even further depleted. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical functions in the body, so a lot can go wrong when there is a deficiency. Being low in magnesium can cause muscle cramping, general soreness and fatigue and can also cause anxiety, restless sleep and headaches! I take a daily multi-vitamin that has everything I need including magnesium (I use doTerra Livelong Vitality Pack) but I also take extra magnesium on occasion. I like Natural Calm Anti Stress Drink if I have a headache or Natural Calm Sleep if I’m feeling restless.
  • Essential Oils – Like yoga, people have been using essential oils for thousands of years for their natural healing qualities. I use essential oils in the morning (with Sun Salutations) to boost energy and focus… before bed to induce deeper sleep… and throughout the day to lift mood, increase energy, and calm the mind and body. Just beware – if you buy essential oils at a grocery store, chain store or even a health food store, they are often low quality and even toxic. I use doTerra because of their superior quality. My favorites are Serenity Blend for calming and sleep and Motivation Blend for energy and uplifting. But I also make my own essential oil concoctions to create “calm energy”… a blend of peppermint, orange and lavendar brings me a sense of joy and peace. If you’re interested to learn more, you can visit my doTerra site for lots of free information and I also offer a free 30 minute consultation.

In addition to the above techniques, taking a short time out for self-massage with myofasical release balls or a foam roller can be amazing to reduce tension and relax the mind and body. Below are two segments you can try at home…

During the Chillpower Challenge, you’ll get short daily yoga segments delivered to your inbox, plus you’ll get healthy holiday-inspired superfood-based recipes to help you boost your energy and immunity AND self-care tips to keep you relaxed and recharged for the holidays.

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The challenge is FREE but your health is priceless.

XO & Namaste, 

Karen Dubs

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