5 Day Yoga, Superfood, Self-Care

& Juice Reboot

January 14 – 18th 

Kick off the new year with 5 days of Yoga, Superfoods, Self Care & Juices to…

    • Reboot the Mind, Body & Spirit
    • Boost energy & immunity
    • Reduce stress & fatigue
  • Feel lighter & healthier 
  • Reduce aches & pains
  • Recover faster from training  

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During this 5 day challenge, we will…

  • Boost our health & immunity with plant-based superfoods
  • Reduce stress with mindfulness and easy self-care techniques
  • Restore our mind, body & spirit with yoga, superfoods & self-care
  • Increase core strength, balance and flexibility with daily yoga
  • Boost energy & vitality with plant-based superfoods + fresh-pressed juices
  • Reduce inflammation & drop excess weight by incorporating daily yoga, superfoods, self-care and fresh-pressed juices
  • Stay motivated and accountable with our Private Facebook Group

Plant Bar Juice Cleanse

***For those in the Baltimore area, order your 3 Day Juice REBOOT via Zia’s Café / Plant Bar for the week of Jan 13th – 18th (order by 1/11th)

If you want to go ALL ORGANIC with your juice cleanse – or if you’re not in the Baltimore area, you can order via JUICE FRESH and have 100% organic juices delivered straight to your door! Be sure to write in the notes “flexible warrior” to be with my group!


I am also a HUGE essential oil fan and will be incorporating doTerra EO’s and supplements into the challenge to help boost recovery, immunity and energy as well as support restful sleep, self-care and total wellness.

DoTerra Essential oils and supplements have made a noticeable difference in my health, energy and hormonal balance! I use doTerra products for everything from toxin-free house cleaning and anti-aging skin care products to treating headaches, hormonal issues and stress management. I also use the oils in recipes and to support detoxification. The uses are endless.

If you’re interested in adding in doTerra Essential Oils or supplements, you can ORDER RETAIL HERE or EMAIL ME to set up a consult orto open your own doTerra Wholesale account.