August Yoga & Superfood Challenge

Hi Warriors!

When August rolls around, lots of runners are ramping up their mileage for fall races and are struggling with tight hips and hamstrings.

Others are lounging on the beach and sipping cocktails, saying they’ll “get back on track” once September rolls around…

Either of those sound familiar ūüôā

I get lots of requests on my Youtube channel saying “thanks for the post run stretch… more please” ūüôā … AND requests for more 10 – 15 minute yoga segments and superfood – based recipes.

OK! I hear you!!!

I just put together a Yoga for Runners Playlist on my YouTube Channel AND I’m offering¬†I’m offering a FREE Yoga & Superfood Challenge for the entire month of August, leading up to Labor Day!!!

To participate, all you need to do is…

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (and hit the bell in the top right corner so you get notified when new videos are added)
  2. Request to join the Flexible Warriors Facebook Group.

Last summer, my friend Katie (who is the mother of three and a running coach at Charm City Run ) encouraged me to offer a Yoga and Superfood Challenge for her 1/2 marathon training group. As a runner and busy mom, Katie had gotten so much out of adding yoga and superfoods to her routine and training, that she wanted others to experience the same (you can see her testimonial below).

Katie starred in several of my Flexible Warrior Yoga videos and is the true definition of a “Flexible Warrior” (she practices self-care and the balance between Willpower & Chillpower, which is not easy to do as a working mom!) Heck, it’s not even easy for me and it’s my business!

It’s a crazy, hectic world, and it’s hard to fit it all in… Often stretching and nutrtion are usually the first things to get skipped when time is crunched. We think “oh we’ll stretch later” … and we grab an energy bar and gatorade or a God-forbid head to a fast-food drive-through.

As a coach, Katie walks the talk and knows the importance of cross-training, staying flexible, recovering and fueling her body well. Since she’s been coaching running groups for years, she also sees that many runners struggle with the same issues and it’s hard to make time to fit in all the training, plus work and family life.

Katie is all about the 10 minute post run stretches (well, OK maybe 5 minutes some days ūüėČ )… and she recently participated in my Spring Supercharge program and began incorporating more pre and post-run smoothies and superfoods (you can see her testimonial below and how this little change had a big impact on her energy, running and ability to keep up with her three kids).

For more on the benefits of Yoga and Superfoods for runners (plus bonus videos and recipes) you can read my previous blog post Yoga, Superfoods & Smoothies for Runners or Post Run Yoga & Recovery Smoothie.

So, if you’re training for a fall race or sport and your body is craving more flexibility and recovery, check out my Yoga for Runners Playlist on YouTube…¬†

Or join the Flexible Warrior Yoga & Superfood Challenge to get lots of superfood-based recipes to boost your energy and nutrition as well as short and effective 10 – 15 minute yoga videos to help you stay strong and flexible.

Testimonials from previous program participants …

“As a runner and a busy Mom, I’m so glad I invested in Karen’s Spring Supercharge program.

Katie Heyl

I know I should practice self-care and eat better but I never actually did it… until I enrolled in Karen’s program. She is all about “progress not perfection” and that was such a good fit for¬†my busy life. Learning how to approach my self-care with a sense of calm, balance and acceptance was as beneficial as learning about the superfoods that ‘fuel my prana’. I am proud of myself for making these positive changes in my lifestyle and I’m already signed up for the Core Yoga & Superfood Smoothie Challenge.” –¬†Katie Heyl, Running Coach & Busy Mom

Gaby Fishpaw

“Karen’s Willpower / Chillpower approach and Spring Supercharge program affirm the benefits of home yoga and self care.¬† As a runner, I log a lot of miles that really tax and tighten my body. ¬†I have learned from Karen¬†about the importance of balancing my running and cross-training routine with flexibility and recovery. She always promotes and reminds¬†runners that consistency is the key and that it is not about being perfect¬†in yoga poses. Her short 10 – 15 minute sequences fit in great pre or post-run and really keep me feeling limber, strong and able to keep going… And learning the myriad of benefits of Superfoods has been dramatically beneficial to my energy and recovery… Without even trying to lose weight, I had less bloat and more leanness!” ¬†Gaby Fishpaw (follow Gaby on Instagram at @gfitfishpaw)

Steve, Master Cyclist

“As a Master cyclist that averages 100+ miles per week, I am always looking for ways to improve flexibility and reduce inflammation.¬† The Flexible Warrior book is a very balanced approach to life . . diet¬† and self-care. Since reading her book, I have given up diet sodas and alcohol.¬† I have also reduced sugar consumption. I follow her JERF (just eat real food) mantra.¬† I practice yoga or other form of self care at least 10 minutes a day.¬† I have lost 5 pounds (Not a huge deal, from 158 to 153) and reduced body fat from 9% to 7% (that’s relative on my scale).¬† Heartburn has disappeared. Inflammation has subsided to the point I have almost stopped taking over the counter pain meds. I have been radically changed as I incorporated the Flexible Warrior principles. I just completed a metric century race and won my age group (top finisher of fourteen 60+ cyclists). Karen’s motivational style and positive spirit are awesome and keep me coming back.”¬†– Steve, Master Cyclist

¬†“I love running and a few years ago I discovered yoga for running at Charm City Run. Now I couldn’t run as much as I do without yoga!”

– Tracy McGuigan


“Karen’s Flexible Warrior program has changed my running and overall fitness life. I utilize her pre- and post-workout yoga routines daily and I can say with confidence that I have remained healthy and injury-free as a result. Thank you, Karen. Keep up the incredible work and I will continue to be a loyal subscriber. Chill Power for LIFE.”¬†– Adam Rudolph



I hope to see you in the Summer Yoga & Superfood Challenge!

Enjoy the rest of your summer and …


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XO & Namaste

Karen Dubs