We all have a story. What’s your story? What brought you to where you are today? 

You probably know I’m a yoga teacher and a health coach. But you might not know why… and what’s this “chillpower” all about?

The journey began over 30 years ago and, as is often the case in life, my struggles and obstacles became my greatest teachers.

For me, yoga, nutrition, self-care and essential oils helped me heal from the pain and fatigue that came with having Lyme disease and an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis….❤️

For years, I felt like crap. I struggled on all levels from migraines and debilitatinig fatigue to weight gain and chronic pain. And even though I had been in the fitness industry since 1987, my self-care and diet were seriously lacking.  I worked hard, exercised a lot and restricted calories, but rarely stretched, relaxed, recovered or fueled my body with high quality, healing foods.
I was a stressed, over-achiever with a more-is-more mentality so when I got sick, I thought pushing through was what would get me through (as they say we teach what we most need to learn)…
Yoga entered my life in 1999, while I was recovering from Lyme and was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I traded in my hard core fitness and restrictive dieting and began practicing yoga and self-care, which included an anti-inflammatory, superfood-based diet, reducing toxics and incorporating essential oils.
Flexible Warrior Yoga, Health & Wellness was born in 2000… A product of my healing journey, the obstacles I overame and everything I learned along the way. The Flexible Warrior approach is all about the balance between Willpower and Chillpower ☯️ 
Willpower of course is the strength, perseverance and the key to getting things done. Do hard things. Challenge yourself. Test your warrior spirit. How will you ever know what your capable of unless you get out of your comfort zone?
Chillpower is the missing ingrediant for many in our fast-paced world … relaxation, recovery and self-care that recharges the mind, body and warrior spirit. Without chillpower, we are literally trying to give from an empty cup, which is why many (including my old self), stay stuck, exhausted and sick. We can’t expect to heal or look, feel and be our best when our battery is depeleted and our cup is empty.

The winter of 2012, the pain and fatigue was so bad, and I had struggled with a series of infections (tooth infection and chronic UTIs including a superbug infection that landed me with a picc line and IV antibiotics). Scary stuff!

Depressed and exhausted, as a last ditch effort, I booked a session with a health coach (after literally seeing dozens of doctors over a 15 year span). The health coach took one look at my diet and suggested lots of changes.

Funny thing, I THOUGHT I was eating healthy but turns out the foods like diet soda and processed “all natural” protein bars (with ingredients like soy lecithin, xanthum gum, soy protein isolate) were toxic and very inflammatory. No wonder I couldn’t heal and constantly struggled with fatigue, digestive issues, muscle and joint pain, acne and migraines.

Within weeks of cleaning up my diet and practicing better self-care, I started to feel better (after 15 years of struggling, searching and suffering).


I was so inspired by the positive change in my health, I attended the Integrative Institute of Nutrtion, a year-long health coaching school to add it to my yoga coaching to help clients on their journey to complete health and wellness (because all the yoga in the world can’t help if the nutrition, stress and self care isn’t dialed in).

I disovered that my Flexible Warrior approach of an anti-inflammatory superfood diet along with yoga and self care was befitting everyone from runners and athletes to stressed out business executives and busy moms!

Everyone I coached was sleeping better, recovering faster, feeling less aches and pains, feeling more energized, lean and light.

It was realling exciting to know that the techniques I was using to heel myself was also helping all these other people from athletes to stay at home and busy working moms (AKA Warrior Mommas 🙂

We all deserve to look, feel and be our best…. And I believe we are all a warrior at some level.

Being a Flexible Warrior is a mind set… Being strong and determined, yet flexible and resilient. 

Find a better balance balance between WILLPOWER (doing hard things) vs CHILLPOWER (resting and practicing self-care).

I offer…

An anti-inflammatory diet was a huge part of my healing journey. I’m am now affliated with The Autoimmune Sisters Tribe!  Join us for the 21 Day Anti-Inflammatory Plan to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, lose weight & improve overall health … all in just 3 weeks! CLICK HERE for more info and to join us for 21 days of clean eating, simple, changes and support for sustainable success!

The fall and holiday season can be such a busy, hectic, stressful time of year.
Your self care is more important than ever!
If you tend to skip self-care for parties, shopping and long to-do lists…. And you end up over-indulging, feeling guilty and getting run-down, bloated, tired and stressed…
And you’d like to feel healthier, lighter, more calm and relaxed…
Join me for the CHILLPOWER CHALLENGE in our private Facebook group, where I’ll be sharing simple self-care techniques to help restore your mind, body and warrior spirit… or, if you need more personalized attention, you can book a personalized session.
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Karen Dubs