Because some things just can’t be answered by Alexa, Google or Siri…

For me, unplugging and being in nature is one of the most healing things to recharge our mind, body and warrior spirit!

Social media is an important part of my business. I post almost daily to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook plus I blog and share yoga videos for my YouTube channel.

As a health coach and yoga teacher, social media is great for sharing content and connecting with clients, but there is a fine line between engaging with my tribe and being too attached to my phone and computer.

As the quote goes, “the best things in life don’t make it to social media.”

Millions of people are now addicted to their smartphones… for many, it’s the first thing we look at the morning and the last thing they see before sleep… Many sleep with their phones by their bed and even check their phones through the night. The average person spends 3 1/2 hours a day on their phone, but many average more than 8 hours of screen time a day.

What’s your average daily cell phone usage?

A friend and I recently took a hike (with her 6 month old baby in tow 🙂 and we always have great, inspiring, insightful conversations. My friend had recently heard a sermon where the pastor spoke about the detriments of self phone over use and addition. Her biggest take-away from the sermon was when he suggested we ask ourselves “why” before we decide to post. It’s one of those questions that may require deeper digging and brutal honesty with ourselves.

Your honesty answer may surprise you.

Cell phone addiction is not a healthy habit. Like GMO foods, pesticides and chemicals in our skin care, our bodies were not intended for all this EMF (electromagnetic field) exposure. Our brains, eyes, and even posture is being negatively effected not to mention the negative effects on relationships and psychological health.

Addiction to alcohol, cigarettes, certain foods and even “healthy habits” like exercise all have one thing in common – They are pleasurable at the moment, but can have a negative effect on relationships and overall health. Cell phone addiction is no different.

Depression, divorce rates and chronic diseases are all on this rise. Not all of those issues stem from cell phone addiction, but it’s sure not helping our world be healthier or happier.


Did you know by the third week in the new year, almost half of people have already given up on their resolution! By the second week of February, that number jumps to an 80% drop out rate! By March, the majority have completely forgotten their resolution.

Stress, self-sabotage, crazy schedules and fatigue are just a few of the many obstacles that get between us and our goals. Is your cell phone among one of the obstacles keeping you from feeling your best? Or, is it getting in the way of your relationships with actual humans?

I’m encouraging you to get back on track with your goals this week by taking a digital detox. Use all that extra time you spend taking pics, posting and mindlessly scrolling to focus on your relationships and your own mental and health, wellness and self-care. Be in nature without sharing it. Journal. Take on a creative project.

The good news is you don’t have to completely break up with your phone for a Digital Detox! Simply lessening your cell phone time, consciously creating tech-free time, mindfully being in the present moment along with cleaning up your apps and social media accounts can also make a big difference.

It’s all about the balance between Willpower and Chillpower…

Willpower requires self-control, determination and perseverance. Do hard things. Challenge yourself. Step out of your comfort zone. Be willing to overcome temptations and obstacles.

Chillp0wer requires letting go and relaxing in order to recharge and rebuild. Do easy things. Breathe. Sit in stillness and silence. Listen to your thoughts. Rest. Recover. Go with the flow.

When is the last time you unplugged?

Be with a friend or loved one without distraction. Do a workout without sharing. Take in a sunset without posting. Listen to a concert without recording. Eat a delicious meal without your phone sitting beside you.

Refreshing, right?

Here are 10 Tips for a Digital Detox…

  1. Spring Clean your phone: Delete apps you don’t use, unfollow people that over-post, block friends that share content that makes you feel guilty, anxious or sad, clean out your pictures (and if you have dozens of selfies, that’s a clear indicator there’s a problem).
  2. Turn off notifications: Each time your phone “dings” is a distraction and lessens your productivity and focus.
  3. Go gadget-free during meals and workouts: Eating and exercise are sacred refueling self-care times. Unless you’re a health coach or chef sharing recipe tips or a personal trainer sharing fitness inspiration, put your phone away and focus on you. Studies show just having your phone present while your eating or exercising reduces the quality of your interations and experiences.
  4. Digitally detox your bedroom: Reduce exposure to EMFs while you sleep so the cells of your body can completely recharge. Put your phone on airplane mode. Turn your phone off. Put your phone in another room. Get an old school alarm clock.
  5. Pick up a book or journal: Reading a book is easier on the eyes and allows less distraction to really enjoy the escape. Writing your thoughts in a journal is shown to reduce stress and improve self-esteem. So rather than sharing your thoughts on Instagram, take time to write down your thoughts instead.
  6. Set boundaries: Designate cell-phone free times… maybe when you’re eating, exercising, watching a movie, grocery shopping or out for dinner with your friends or spouse. When your kids are safely home from school is a great time to unplug to be more present.
  7. Single task: Limit yourself to one screen at a time. Stash your phone out of reach when you’re driving. Eat, sleep and workout without a phone in sight. Take a walk in nature and leave your phone in your car.
  8. Use Airplane Mode and Speakerphone: To reduce exposure to EMFs, switch your phone to airplane mode frequently throughout the day and use your speaker phone instead of holding the phone to your ear.
  9. Switch off Wifi routers at night: It’s ideal to power down your phone an hour before bedtime to allow the eyes and brain to transition to a more restful sleep. Also, put your Wifi router on an automatic timer to shut off at night while you’re sleeping.
  10. Take quarterly social media breaks: I personally do a digital detox each season… winter, spring, summer and fall. I always announce it the week before I detox and you area always welcome to join me. The reset is good for the mind, body and spirit.

For more tips, check out “Digital-Stress Provided By The Neurological Wellness Institute”.

Here are some other great ideas for your digital detox…

Remember, you are in charge of your own digital detox rules. For me, I still use my phone for texting, emailing, calling and scheduling with clients while I’m on a digital detox, but I specifically take a break from all social media and I mindfully lessen my screen time (using iPhone screen time tracker).

Before you head into the digital detox, I suggest posting to your social media that you’re taking a break and invite your friends to join you. Tag me @flexiblewarrrior and use #flexiblewarrior #digitaldetox #chillpower

Stay Healthy & Flexible, Warriors!

Karen Dubs