10 Yoga-Inspired Tips for Pre Race Calm

Hi Warriors and Happy Fall!

It’s Marathon Season 🙂 I’m always super “in awe” of everyone who trains for runs a race of any distance. The obstacles we must overcome to accomplish this goal is all part of the journey.

And now that the hardest part of the training is over, it’s time to taper down and fuel up for race day.

Below are some yoga-inspired tips to help you stay flexible, relaxed and recovered leading up to race day, whether you’re running your first marathon, half, a triathlon, a 10K or a 5K…

If you’re in the weeks leading up to your race day, here are some yoga-inspired tools for your taper down… 

1) Set an Intention. How do you want to feel on your race day? Why are you running? Who can you thank for supporting you on your journey? What are you grateful for? Taking a little time out to set an intention for your race day, to contemplate all the obstacles you’ve overcome to get this far and to be grateful for your legs and feet that have carried you so far… all these little things can be super helpful for your mind, body and spirit on race day.

2)  Keep it simple. If you’ve already been practicing yoga during your training, fine – take whatever yoga class your body is used to. But if not, now is not the time to be adding new training into your program. Look for formats that are geared toward runners and are more restorative. Wait until the off season for the more challenging classes. It’s all about the balance between willpower and chillpower. But sometimes less is more, so avoid throwing anything crazy into the mix during your taper.

3) Practice breathing, visualization or meditation. Learning to improve the quality of your breathing can make a huge difference in your performance and can create that calm, focused energy you want for your race day.

4) Fuel your Prana (life force energy). Every cell in your body will thrive if you consciously fuel and nourish it. Eat nutrient-dense foods! Get extra sleep. Drink a green smoothie or try some wheat grass shots. HYDRATE! It sounds so obvious, but in our busy world these simple things get skipped.

5) Put your legs up the wall?! Yep. But this one is most important for AFTER your race… One of the poses I love most for runners is Legs up the Wall pose. It’s so simple yet so effective and restorative to invert your legs after a long run. If you’re not sure how to do it watch the following segment which includes a few other gentle, restorative poses…

6) Book a massage or try Self-Massage with a foam roller or myofascial release balls can extend the life of your massage. These inexpensive tools can be used before you stretch to help loosen up tight tissue. Here is a foam roll and stretch segment to try…

7) Superfood Load to Boost your immune system… Extra vitamin C (I love a Camu Camu smoothie with berries, raw honey and coconut milk), bone broth chicken soup with lots of nutrient dense veggies, garlic, onions and parsley and himalayas salt), limit inflammatory foods (like sugar, dairy, and alcohol), hydrate well with lots of water (try adding in coconut water), add in hot lemon water with ginger and raw honey or some of my other favorite anti-inflammatory hot drinks like golden milk latte with turmeric.
8) Get extra sleep and enjoy an Epsom Salt bath (with some lavender or Serenity Blend essential oil).
9) Try essential oils to stay relaxed and energized and to boost immunity. The oils I like most this time of year are On Guard (for immunity), lavendar or Serenity Blend (to support sleep) and peppermint (to boost energy and endurance – I mix the peppermint with a little bit of coconut oil and put on on feet before I run – energizing plus moisturizing 😉 If you’re interested in ordering or learning more about essential oils you can click here (but if you’re in a rush and live local I can probably put a little customized “race day ready” concoction together for you 🙂

10) To get RACE DAY READY, try this Pre Race Calm segment … 

And mostly, enjoy the journey and run with a high heart! In yoga, Mountain pose is all about good posture, alignment and an open, lifted heart always lifts the spirits. Sometimes I imagine a string is pulling me forward from my heart. Sounds weird but boy does it help me get up hills! When we fatigue, the posture slumps and the chest caves in which restricts breathing and has a negative effect on energy and performance.

The more you fill your cup and fuel your Prana (life force energy) leading up to race day, the more relaxed, resilient and energized you’ll be to enjoy every step of your journey.


GOOD LUCK! I LOVE to see your race day pics. Use hashtag #flexiblewarrior and tag @flexiblewarrior on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page!

XO & Namaste,

Karen Dubs