Yoga for Triathletes Vol. 1

Flexible Warrior Athletic Yoga Yoga for Triathletes Vol. 1

Flexible Warrior ATHLETIC YOGA VOL 1 product

Three 30 minute segments increase energy, power, flexibility & athletic performance.

Join Karen Dubs along with three competitive triathletes for an athletic yoga session designed to increase your flexibility and stamina for improved performance in your next triathlon.

Athletic Yoga for Triathletes includes three 30 minute workouts:

Warm-up: An energizing core strength sequence followed by a functional flexibility series of yoga poses to build heat and increase range of motion before your  training session.

Cross Train: Athletic yoga poses to enhance your performance and improve total body strength, endurance and balance.

Recover: Increased flexibility reduces muscle tension and fatigue as well as your risk of injury. This restorative, yet active, stretching sequence is ideal after a race day or hard workout for a
speedier recovery to get you back out there faster

With guidance and feedback from a team of competitive triathletes, this program was designed specifically for intermediate to advanced fitness level endurance athletes who are new to yoga. The three segments can be done separately or together for a balanced total body cross training workout. A yoga mat and stretch strap are recommended.

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