Multi Sport 3-Pack (Vol. 1-3)

Multi Sport 3-Pack (Volume 1-3) 

Flexible Warrior ATHLETIC YOGA 3 PACK product

Increase Functional Flexibility and Strength with Athletic Yoga

Includes :

Flexible Warrior Athletic Yoga

Yoga for Triathletes Vol. 1
Three 30 minute workouts to increase balance. power, flexibility and performance.

Flexible Warrior Athletic Yoga

Cross Training for Multi Sport Vol. 2
Challenge your endurance in a whole new way to create a total body strength that is flexible, agile, and adaptable for peak performance.

Flexible Warrior Athletic Yoga

Flexibility for Swim, Bike, Run Vol. 3
This sport specific stretch routine is ideal for off season recovery phase and race season competition season to speed recovery, prevent injury enhance performance and increase your range of motion and total body flexibility.