Flexibility for Swim, Bike & Run Vol. 3

Flexible Warrior Athletic Yoga Flexibility for Swim, Bike, Run Vol. 3

Flexible Warrior ATHLETIC YOGA VOL 3 product

Increase your range of motion and total body flexibility. Speed recover, prevent injury and enhance performance. Incorporate the Flexible Warrior Athletic Yoga stretch routines into your off season recover phase and race season competition to take your performance to the next level. Karen coaches six competitive triathletes through four short and effective yoga stretch routines designed specifically for multi sport athletes. It’s the perfect flexibility program to balance out your challenging endurance training and take your performance to a higher level!


Three 15 – 20 minute post sport yoga stretch segments specific for swimmers, cyclists and runners.

Plus 15 minute “Energy” sequence pre sport warm up for range of motion and functional flexibility

BONUS – Athletic Yoga basic principals

This DVD includes four 15 – 20 minute segments that can be done separately on different days or back to back for a full total body flexibility routine. Segment one is an energizing warm up inspired by the yoga Sun Salutation to increase range of motion and prepare the body prior to stretching or a training session. Segment two, three and four are sport specific yoga stretches for swimmers, cyclists and runners, ideal for post race day recover or after weekly training sessions for speedier recovery, increased flexibility, reduced muscle tension, fatigue and injury. Bonus segment includes athletic yoga basic principles, tips on proper breathing, form, and the important of recovery and modifying poses.

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