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Flexibility for Warriors

Yoga, Superfood & Self Care Challenge

(Free Online Challenge: Aug 11 – 17th)

We are all warriors at some level, whether you are struggling with an autoimmune disease or are training for a fall marathon! This challenge is great for anyone looking to create a more balanced, resilient mind and body, but is especially geared for athletes, runners and triathletes. I’ll provide you with anti-inflammatory, superfood recipes and daily yoga segments (most of which are just 10- 15 minutes) in addition to a few “self-care challenges” like booking a massage, taking an Epsom salt bath or doing a foam rolling session.

The combo of Yoga, Superfoods & Self-Care can help you…

  • Feel Lighter

  • Boost Energy

  • Improve overall health

  • Recover Faster

  • Increase Flexibility

To Participate…

  1. Subscribe to my Flexible Warrior YouTube Channel 
  2. Subscribe to my Enewsletter
  3. Join the Flexibility for Warriors Facebook group
  4. Mark your calendar for Aug 11 – 17th
  5. Invite a warrior friend to join you!

Looking forward to seeing you in the challenge! Use the #flexiblewarrior and tag @flexiblewarrior on Instagram and Facebook so I don’t miss your yoga, superfood & self care posts!¬†

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