Migraine Freedom Coaching

Migraine Freedom Coaching

I struggled with migraines for over 30 years. In my search to heal from pain naturally, I came across Migraine Specialist Erin Knight and her Migraine Freedom Consulting Practice. Erin’s down-to-earth style, comprehensive approach and customized techniques are designed to find the root cause to eliminate migraine triggers, not just treat symptoms.

I am super excited to announce I am now a Migraine Freedom Coach with Engineering Radience to support Erin in her mission to help as many people as possible be free from migraine pain.

We offer one-on-one customized coaching as well as micronutrient testing, a hormone review package and a complete 3-month comprehensive migraine freedom package to help you find the root cause and triggers of your migraine pain and help you create a plan to be migraine free.

Book a 20 minute migraine freedom consultation┬áto discuss which migraine freedom services best suit your needs. We’ll discuss your migraine history and give you one or two action-items and relief tips to try immediately.

If one-on-one coaching isn’t right for you now, 5 Steps to Stop a Migraine is an online course to help you learn natural migraine relief strategies. You’ll learn my secret myofascial release technique I use keep headaches at bay, Erin’s most effect tricks to beat weather headaches, and which essential oils we love for different types of headaches.

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