Corporate Sessions

Flexible Warrior Corporate Sessions

When you love the energy of a group class but also want some individualized attention and hand on adjustments. These 4 – 6 week sessions range from challenging and fast-paced to build agility, flexibility and strength to slower moving, restorative formats for recovery and flexibility. Create a strong, energized and flexible mind and body. Limited attendance for hands on adjustments.

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“As the Human Resources Director for the Baltimore Ravens, to be competitive on the field and off, we recognize the significance in investing in keeping our employees healthy. A large part of a healthy workforce is wellness. Wellness programs are extremely important and add significant value to both employees and employers. They provide balance, contribute to a more productive workforce, keep our employees happy and healthy, and, thus give us a competitive advantage. We hire only the best employees and we do what we can to keep them happy, healthy and productive. Karen Dubs is a large part of our program. She is a first-class professional, the best in her business and she is committed to keeping our team healthy, strong and flexible. Karen takes exceptional pride in aligning our priorities and goals with hers. She is accommodating, dynamic, friendly and dedicated. We can’t say enough about her. We value our relationship with her and know that anyone who works with her will have the same opinion!”

Elizabeth Jackson,
Director of Human Services
Baltimore Ravens

“Karen has been teaching a Power Yoga class at our worksite for 5 years. Her class has consistently grown in attendance, and is by far one of the most popular classes that we offer. Karen’s ability to connect with her students has really put her at the top of her game. So many participants have commented how their Mondays just wouldn’t be the same without having Karen’s Power Yoga class to begin their weeks. Karen teaches a class that appeals to all levels, is continuously varied and keeps you wanting to come back for more. Anyone and everyone would benefit from the physical exercise as well as the stress relief that Karen’s class provides. I personally know many ‘type A’ personalities that love Karen’s class because it keeps even those individuals challenged and interested in seeing the results that Yoga provides.”

Lauren Baker,
Program Coordinator
BD Diagnostic Systems Fitness Center

“As a PR and Marketing firm our days are high pressure and very demanding from press and customers alike. There is no room for mediocrity in what we do. We lose a client if we don’t perform at 100% ever day. I know as a business owner, it is important to invest in my team and personal balance is essential to their performance. So I brought yoga into the work place once a week. It has yielded positive results beyond my expectations. Karen can walk in weekly and get a sense of the general feel of the weeks pace and demands and she automatically adapts our session to the current needs of our team. My team is very driven and having this scheduled as part of our week, makes us take down time. They look forward to the Friday sessions starting on Monday and each session has built a very positive energy in our office. Weekly corporate yoga has increased productivity, improved team spirit and has reduced workplace maladies such as headaches and fatigue. Every corporation and employee would benefit form Karen Dubs yoga.”

Barb Clapp,
Clapp Communications

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